“Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something: If you have nothing, then you have everything, because you have the freedom to do anything, without the fear of losing something.”

I guess there's a price to pay for freedom.
For all the happiness and happy moments in life.
For all the short love stories and for all the crazy nights.
It's not that it's hard to enjoy life
It's not that you have to be by yourself.
I guess you just stop to feel.
You forget how love feels.
The butterflies in your stomach
The laugh that's impossible to keep inside when you are angry at your loved one
and he just laugh back at you because he thinks you look so cute when you are angry.
That feeling you get when you suddenly feel arms around you and a kiss on your neck.
The amazing feeling you get waking up, just watching someone you love and once again realize how much you love that boy.
I know people who envy my freedom.
And I often envy them.
Because I know how it feels to be in love.
To miss somebody so much that it hurts
and when you finally see him
Your heartbeat increases
and it's like the time stand still and everything around you and him disappears.
But I like being free like a bird.
 It's awesome to be your own king.
To do exactly whatever you want
To get to know yourself on in a total different way
Learn to be by yourself and to be brave enough to be alone for a while
You get strong and get a lot of beautiful, crazy memories you'll remember all your life.
You get a lot of new friends
You'll do a lot of crazy things you never thought you were capabel of
And you learn how to be a little more brave and how to not be afraid of dreaming
I guess I'll one day will feel love again.
But right now it's me and my freedom.
And for now
that's okay.