These are the days that'll haunt you
Those days when life hits you to the ground
everything feels fucked up
when you feel like drowning
The day when you don't belong
not here
not there
not with him
and not with yourself
These are the days when I wish I could go away
and never look back
just leave and never come back 
leave everything
and everyone behind
Because these are the days
when you feel like no one cares
if you stay or if you leave
If you live or if you die
These are the days
when life reminds you of what you could have been
and you failed
When life says: Life is unfair.
Some people have everything
and some people have nothing.
Some people always have to fight
And some people don't even know how to fight.
 But then I remember most of the days when everything feels good
when the sun is touching my skin
when I am laughing so hard that my stomach hurts
when I see someone I love
and loves me back
All the people that are smiling when they meet me
All the small things
all the mornings I wake up in my bed
with my cat sleeping next to me because he never gets up before I do
All the fun nights with my friends
All the crazy things I have done in my life
All the love I have felt
And given.
All the happy moments
And all the hard moments.
Because it is the hard moments in life that gives you strength.
It is the hard moments in life that makes you appreciate all the good things in life.
The hard moments in life that makes you see what no one else is able to see.
The world can be beautiful if you want it to be beautiful.
You are not able to change the past and you can't change who you are
But you can live for today
and you can live for tomorrow.
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